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>>/cow/28639 >>28638 it means nothing to me personally but that stream was cringe and he deleted everything a few hours later
>>/cow/28638 >>28637 You seem salty.
>>/cow/28637 >>28630 Godwinson is a reptillian and made a fool of himself during IBS against a window licking liberalist chav
>>/robowaifu/1908 >>22 Okay, one thing to note: Go Explore is a hack in some sense. https://www.alexirpan.com/2018/11/27/go-explore.html https://w
>>/cow/28636 >>27266 >Now that nick has been exposed as a fag my previously homosexual controlled opposition thought leader is now reliant a
>>/k/5599 Can anyone recommend a book series on WWII (in English)? I'd like something that is as neutral as possible. I have started readi
>>/cow/28635 >>28633 I thought him being a journalist was confirmed?
>>/k/5598 >>5596 Take clean screenshots.
>>/cow/28634 >>28633 godwinson uses his gchq connections to bury the eq
>>/cl/670 Hamster Jovial (French)