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>>/britfeel/1223 >>1220 technological wonder brought down by some dusty cunts.
>>/k/10270 >>10265 They're trying to expand K-Pop to new audiences.
>>/k/10269 >>10268 >book vaguely hints at a bioweapon in China >GUYS IT PREDICTED CORONA Are you retarded?
>>/hgg/6157 >>6139 Therer are a total of 7 girls, you can find all of them expect the seventh pretty easily, the 7th of which can only be go
>>/v/17499 >>17492 >To reduce lift and possibly increase downforce depending on the vehicle in question. Nice.
>>/k/10268 A book from 1981 predicted Corona
>>/n/1425 This thread has been moved from /k/, pls do not continue shitflinging that started on /k/, i deleted most of it because it added
>>/tech/1803 >>1791 Show me yours.
>>/tech/1802 SMACH Z and GPD Win series are pointless to me, especially considering their price. Most PC games aren't suitable to play with c