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>>/cow/7620 >>7617 You should remove yourself from this world.
>>/cow/7619 >>7618 >dox MODS delete this
>>/cow/7618 >>7557 ya ok Brandon
>>/robowaifu/435 >>412 Would you be able to put the original AI down when she becomes obsolete? I don't want to answer that.
>>/cow/7617 >>7615 I'm going to be honest with you, I'm kind of retarded
>>/meta/762 Any anons using Tor can now access Julay from the hidden service here: brlivwmnxi2l3ck7kpooqjnl2qrklsubq4nd4ebcqudcockcjenmdz
>>/cow/7616 >>7614 nice tripcode :^) nanotech#Smiles\\uwuowo btw
>>/cow/7615 >>7599 >honestly yeah >yes I'm retarded Well I agree with you on that. >>7607 >my mom took my maid dress >called me a fagg
>>/cow/7614 transgenders are based in fact of course
>>/cow/7613 this is how you're so fucked up, I found it you're from a broken family
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