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>>/tech/156 >>155 lol wtf, /tech/ doesn't support code tags? hotpockets, pls.
>>/tech/155 >>154 >Archive fucking everything while you can youtube-dl i've been using it actively for years now. i'm using it right now heh
>>/robowaifu/336 Now that I think of it Turd Flinging Monkey made a tutorial/review video about this subject on his BitChute channel. Can't use t
>>/loomis/109 >>108 ehh, i could drag up the base drawings i did for the transfers, but they're buried in boxes somewhere i don't know. i did
>>/tech/154 >>136 Like I said on 8/tech/ several times. Archive fucking everything while you can, save money instead of being a consumeris
>>/v/1048 >>1047 Pathetic.
>>/loomis/108 >>105 Not even some old stuff?
>>/k/1287 >>1286 Like any other gun when its ready to cook bacon, the group will open up but still be minute of man. >>1282 Its just a
>>/v/1047 >>1035 That bathwater thing is something he made, not the one the whore was selling He doesn't have a 1000$ to spare.
>>/robowaifu/335 >>333 Dubs of Truth Damn seriously? I think it's gotta means something if you gt a 333 when talking about this /machinecult/ bo
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