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>>/cow/22344 >>22320 He managed to block archive.today. http://archive.ph/nSQ3w
>>/v/7160 You might not like these songs due to Top 40/memesounds programming, but i find them competent enough and on par with stuff on p
>>/v/7159 >>7143 Not the same without album cover, i needs it >>7144 libvpx-vp9 and libopus, the usual stuff. Not a single webm pass
>>/v/7158 >>7154 >drawings >pedo haha benis
>>/v/7157 >>7142 >FF8 >masterpiece Eh. The story is boring imo. Final Fantasy 9 has a much better world with interesting characters
>>/v/7156 >>7142 >>7142 ff7 is when the series started going to shit. prove me wrong. 1-6 are the best final fantasy games
>>/cow/22343 >>22320 You mean that strange dolpcorp website? I looked at it and it's terrible. He's also running darlingserver.com (see the a
>>/k/3112 >>3103 Skip on outta here with your tay sachs clubfoot kikel. >>3108 Absolutely but contemporary history is easier to disc
>>/v/7155 im guessing if I wanted to play cartridge games and use an sdcard my only way is the 3g vita? absolutely no way for using the me
>>/k/3111 Houthis shot down the fourth Saudi drone in recent days. It seems whatever secret new AA systems they have, they work.