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>>/fascist/1464 >>1367 > Your core ideology has to be pure No, no it doesn't. There needs to be a will to improve, but 'will to improve' isn't t
>>/v/4199 The SID chip is truly an anomaly when it comes to any soundchip due to its rushed design process. To this day, there are still n
>>/v/4198 Playing through control right now I'm saddened how no one can just start off a game letting you have fun, you have to slog throu
>>/cow/18867 ==THE IMPEACHENING OF ORANGE MAN BAD CONTINUES== https://cytu.be/r/Guntstream
>>/ck/439 For me, it's Nescafe Gold
>>/v/4197 >>4187 >Control /who/ >Death Stranding <a shitty walking sim with progressive talking points >Super Smash Bros. Ultimate <smash
>>/cow/18866 >>18850 >incel faggot rage >t. Shitrat of the Orient Don't kink shame her for her fetish, Chungus.
>>/liberty/782 >>780 >not XMR
>>/v/4196 >>4193 >It managed to equal a classic everyone loved as a remake of it, with unique strengths and weaknesses not just a clone o
>>/cow/18865 >>18728 November 30, 1990 as you can see in his dox: >>6066 If anons could pay him a visit it would be funny. Just bring a Har
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