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>>/v/25211 >>25051 all lefties and socjus crowd are always revealed to be pedos, why is that?
>>/fascist/6904 Does anybody mind if I post my shitty webcomic?
>>/v/25210 >>25207 You dont get to weasle out of this. if history is objective then you believe that the holohoax happend as it is objecti
>>/v/25209 >>25107 Is this "which one is not like others" challenge or what? Uncharted 2 is the only one made before CY and not pozzed so
>>/fascist/6903 >>6880 > The Slavs would have lived in their own villages/tribes, and the Germans would have lived in their settlements. False
>>/v/25208 >>25203 >Next tell me how the AK is just a copy of the StG. Not only did the AK copy the STG but the AR-15 copied the STG
>>/v/25207 >>25198 >Did the holohoax happen? Our entire society is built on this history yet it is a lie. history is built on lie, and the
>>/v/25206 >>25071 >But still better than the DS4 yeah no >it's like they wanted to do a mixture between the dualshock and the xbox cont
>>/v/25205 The Monster: Ancient Cline developer just gave an interview regarding 8105Monster, M:AC, and his radio silence over the last fiv
>>/v/25204 >>25202 >Fucking hell did i say NFL? i meant to say NHL with its HUT mode. It actually is an old idea begging to happen but the