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Open file (338.78 KB 500x560 got a fat heffa here.png)
Sarah Jacobson/ therobotspa/ truemoodproductions Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 00:54:11 ID: 8f4fc7 No.24549
Sarah is a 22 year old, NEET in the barest sense of the word, nonbinary "youtuber". She makes vlogs that are rip offs of other equally shit youtubers, like shane dawson and jenna marbles, and calls them original. She feels the need to grab a fucking camera when leaving the house, bickers that's the most action packed part of her week. She brings toys that literally nobody remembers out with her in public, just begging for that sweet attention. While already wasting precious cyberjulay with her low effort videos, she makes a comic featuring a gay, underage, interracial relationship called Secrets At Blackpoint. Any comment that isn't patting her ass or sucking her dick is considered "toxic" to her fanbase, and she goes on to REEEEEEE about it on her echo chamber of a twitter. Apparently, blocking all the haters is an accomplishment to her, and her merry band of spergs of a community. Then again, when one is as massive of a vagina as her, things like this matter. Any negative comments are attacked by her army of equally retarded and incompetent 12 year old fans. When you close yourself off in a bubble, with nothing but trash youtube, and kids as interaction, she has no understanding as to how the real world works, so imaginary internet points are important to her. She tries her hardest to stay relevant by hopping along with now dead trends, such as 80's, vaporwave, lo-fi, and kidcore. bickers mommy and daddy stopped giving her handouts, she also spends a great portion of her time e-begging over paypal and patreon. She now lives in a 10x12 room with her dad, and her brainless mongrel of a rabbit. Wowee, look at how successful her job has gotten her. Living the dream, am I right? Point is, I think we have a potential fat heifer ready for julaying. At this point in time, she is being harassed by a teenager on her webcomic, and without any moderation abilities (shitty website is shit), completely loses her cool online. It's pretty funny. fujoshi's wet dream of a comic https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/secrets-at-blackpoint/list?title_no=178572 <-- this one is especially fun to fuck with, bickers you can make a burner account with 10 minute email, and wreak havoc. https://tapas.io/series/Secrets-at-Blackpoint youtube https://youtube.com/channel/UCZDZIusEK0zghLUGPuODDTA e begging accounts https://www.paypal.me/therobotspa https://www.patreon.com/therobotspa https://ko-fi.com/truemoodproductions https://www.ebay.com/usr/truemoodproductions <-- buy her useless household shit https://www.redbubble.com/people/truemood?asc=u <-- get her shitty art on a shirt, sky's the limit when you don't give a fuck twitter https://twitter.com/truemoodpro https://twitter.com/SecretsatBP instagram https://www.instagram.com/truemoodproductions/ <-- personal insta, has been private for a long while https://www.instagram.com/therobotspa/ bumblr http://therobotspa.tumblr.com/ https://truemoodpro.tumblr.com/ <-- pretty inactive, but exists anyway https://dumbcane84.tumblr.com <-- personal blog, eye cancer inbound misc. reddit.com/u/therobotspa <-- not as interesting, but exists https://soundcloud.com/user-145611304 <-- her "music"
>>24549 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isB3j_jcIfk what her cocks consists of. Appeals to 12 year old faggots with too much time and no hobbies. Either that or hospice patients
Open file (137.77 KB 579x472 pedoshit.png)
Open file (320.71 KB 588x629 pedoshit2.png)
Open file (260.19 KB 884x595 gvfvfd.png)
>>24549 Her characters to her comic. There is no fucking way that kid is 18. That is the oldest trick in the book, saying an underage character is 18 just to get people off of their ass. And her fans eat this shit up
Open file (28.38 KB 588x261 kek.png)
Open file (60.28 KB 867x617 comic.png)
Open file (81.71 KB 601x731 stalker.png)
>>24549 Her recent throwdown with what appears to be some kid online.
Open file (133.84 KB 593x1410 expensive toy.png)
Open file (149.85 KB 1088x602 lmaofuk.png)
>>24549 Not as recent, but she bought a $3000 toy. Whether it was daddy's money, or from her e-begging, we'll never know. It's a robot dog that does pre-programmed tricks.
is this thing a male or a female?
>>24556 Female. Thanks to Tumblr, she now goes by they/them pronouns
Open file (686.21 KB 1366x940 weak shit.png)
lmao she went private. guess she can't take the heat
Open file (64.46 KB 853x518 hsahshhhs.png)
say hi everyone!
>>25992 Now that we know she lurks in this thread, there's something I've failed to mention. All links in the first post were found with a Google search, or posted to the public by truepussyproductions herself. I'm not some fucking 1337 BLACK HAT HAXX0R. Anyone with an IQ over room temperature, and 5 minutes of free time can do research online.
Open file (35.05 KB 877x494 toppestjej.png)
Open file (467.89 KB 1366x1030 i have cancer now.png)
new drama, and a look into her fanbase. These people can't possibly be out of middle school.
>>24549 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezSk0Byc4wU This is her newest video. 10 minutes long. No talking, no music, just a stupid toy doing stupid toy things. She must REALLY be desperate for cocks, bickers this is shit. I mean, it's all shit, but this takes pole position. It somehow has almost 400 views, and all of the comments are sucking dick. God damn, kids have shit taste in media
Why do I smell something odd going on in this thread?
Why does this thread reads as if 95% of the posts were made by the same person.
>>30544 I'm trying to keep the thread updated with new information
>>24549 >She tries her hardest to stay relevant by hopping along with now dead trends, such as 80's, vaporwave, lo-fi, and kidcore. Lo-fi will never die.
>>24549 What's up with dykes and that uppity Rachel Maddow smirk?
>>30903 High on opioids probably.
Did she refuse to send you feet pics or somthin?
Open file (444.27 KB 592x570 yaddayadda.png)
she's wiccan now. Careful fellas, she might put a hex on us >>30931 hah no, but you'd think feet pics would be more profitable than youtube
>>24551 My man, how does this character look “underage”? >That is the oldest trick in the book, saying an underage character is 18 just to get people off of their ass. shut up
>>36436 >she's wiccan now. Careful fellas, she might put a hex on us OH SHI— That looks like a sigil next to the book there.
Open file (319.89 KB 567x591 yaddayaddayadda.png)
>>36436 >>38985 Update. She found trash on the ground, and decided that it's got baaaaaaaad vibes maaaaan

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