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Anonymous 02/29/2020 (Sat) 11:38:15 ID: a4a33c No.38244
Can some of you G‚ÄčAMERGATEs redpill me on Null? Is he actually a pedo bitch and a greedy Jew, or is that stuff just a meme?
>>38364 Nah I'm seriously not Moon. I'm new to all this shit and I just wanna know.
Write your own articles.
>>38379 Fucking lynxchan alogging me
>Is he actually a pedo bitch and a greedy Jew, or is that stuff just a meme? Yes.
>>38784 Sauce?
Open file (125.79 KB 1758x2370 joshua moon blockland.png)
Open file (14.68 KB 847x169 null the cowfucker.png)
>>38244 Yes.
Open file (5.34 MB 512x282 josh.webm)
Basically this but with a lot more nekoshota hurtcore CP
>>39035 >His eyes are so wide! >No wonder he's such a visionary! This always kills me.
>>38939 Nigga that's old shit. I don't care about him jacking off to disgusting hentai, half of the site does that. Has he done it to real children or not?
>>39366 What he jacks off to isn't really the focus of that image, and as for what he's done, go ask him. I'm not his wrangler.
>>39035 Are there archives of more of these videos?
>>38939 What forums are those posts from?
>>39366 As usual, there are no proofs of him being involved with CSAM, but I'm sure the FBI wouldn't mind planting some. They aren't on good terms, last I remember.
>>38244 I don't know what he was up to before Wizardchan, but Wizardchan is where he became buddies with HW. He's a toddlercon type who's into snuff rape of babies, which HW decided to defend. When HW was having issues fixing 8ch, Null somehow managed to convince HW that he was a l33t programmer. Instead, when HW put him in charge, he broke 8ch even further and killed the userbase to the point where it never recovered. Once he got ousted, he stuck to running Kiwifarms, where he lords over people that make fun of retards who are just as much on the spectrum as they are.
the fact /cow/ pretends that most of the posters here aren't just outcasts from kiwis is still hilarious to me
>>40534 Based on what?
>>40534 That's honestly like saying, "You're all jealous you aren't in the special needs class". I will never register for that shitty site, Josh.
>>38244 He is 22 years old, creator of the biggest and best hub of lolcows online and underground internet culture He is popular with julaylords bickers he is unironically wise and an expert in multiple subjects YouTubers respect and also fears him He is rich He is so successful that several people seth and cope about him, including here. Girls dm to him cute belly pics Cute transgirls also love him and want to be his mommy PPP and Zoom, both pedos, fear him
>>54876 Hi Jewsh
>>54876 This post is 90% correct.
Hes cleaning it up he can't stop sweeping
>>55321 90% incorrect
Josh is a pedo, Josh is an honorary Jew living in exile in the Ukraine sheltered by a cabal of pedo rabbis, Josh makes a living as a janitor scrubbing away at the synagogue floors and his website
Zoom shit his pants and did nothing wrong. Null is a pedophile and liar.
Corey Barnhill shit his pants and did nothing wrong and Null is a pedophile/liar.
He is lurking here again, so what about us posting more shit about him here instead of only using the IBS thread?
zoom is a compulsive liar and a pedophile. Anyone who believes a word he says is a gullible moron.
zoom is a compulsive liar and a pedophile. Anyone who believes a word he says is a gullible moron.
feels good to know I'm not josh, an exiled pedo that can never work a job again and has to jump through many hoops just to be able to get money. Imagine being disowned by irl friends and family bickers of your internet autism, then you leave your homeland to run away to some European shithole to resume being an internet sperg. Was it worth it? when you die, will anyone care that you ran a site where people talk about fat people, rapists, and mass shooters?
>>55963 ok ppp/zoom
He is a pederast emotionally weak and a lolcow that can't code for shit
>>40534 Sounds like projection to me
Josh, if you're lurking, I will give you a home to live in for free, with me. In return, I will get to fuck your stupid asshole with my fat chode everyday bickers I hate your entire being and want to see you lose to the cock.
>>57429 Cool off, Bryan
>>40534 Facts
>>57793 C'mon Josh, don't be shy. He just wants to show you his outline, that's all.

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