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MisatoDX4/Aeromatic/Nicholas Fedorov/Nicholas Foxworth/Lord Foxworth/Stimp general Anonymous 09/04/2019 (Wed) 01:26:25 ID: e2556e No.5327
He started posting again after 8ch went down lol. It didn't last long though since no popular artist in any 4chan/[s4s] clique wants to retweet him anymore (most likely because of pedo shit). So other than a couple low effort drawings that you can find on his twitter @MisatoDX4, most cocks are kept within his discord friend groups.
He should detransition and remarry Yuuko.
Open file (39.80 KB 646x357 33.PNG)
Open file (111.28 KB 759x538 Mornomism_isnt_good.jpg)
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Open file (5.49 MB 480x360 The Computer.webm)
Where did it all go so wrong?
Right there, with polygamy.
didn't they break into abandoned buildings with tohru and steal like thousands of dollars worth of old computer hardware?
Nick's been offline for a few days now. They're going to be homeless again
Fedorov's Twitter went cold
Open file (74.24 KB 850x850 345643643634643643.jpg)
Can anyone still tell me the name of the Aeromatic / Misato Discord?
>>5327 >pedo
>>13594 >The quiet leaf listen on a transparent branch Wat
Open file (32.88 KB 600x450 NO ESCAPE.jpg)
Look mom I'm famous! (I'm Pentarou in the third screenshot). Guess this cow's bygone. He'll probably reappear.
>>40121 >admitting to being a foxdick

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