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The True Lolcow Showdown PissDrizzle#Ic7/rT 09/19/2019 (Thu) 01:34:52 ID: 455f5a No.7825
This saturday at 5pm EST I, PissDrizzle of /cowrevolt/ will face off and defeat JEWS of NAZI/COW/ in honorable loli combat to prove who is the true lolcow and greatest gamer, for the prize of getting to deface the others board.
It will be streamed by a guy called Bill Cooper on the Guntstream, the games will be some Twinkly shooter game, KoF and Puzzle Bobble 2.
>no darkstalkers
ROMS + Emulator:

You'll need to register with fightcade here: https://www.fightcade.com/#register

Should not need to forward ports but you should set-up everything anyway to make sure it works. RTFM: https://play.fightcade.com/manual.html

If you get stuck or need help let me know. I'm pretty sure these are the ROMs you need but I'll double check tomorrow.
>twinkly shooter game
inb4 Touhou faggotry
5 shekels on JEWS
Open file (250.32 KB 1920x1080 kaiji.jpg)
>good at anything
20 on PissDrizzle
Open file (1.76 MB 1000x1400 ClipboardImage.png)
>betting against a jew
it's in his name, come on now.
(((JEWS gets however many shekels are generated by this schlomotext as a bet)))
Open file (400.54 KB 1000x1000 julay_final.png)
Since I'm such a nice guy I'm writing this for you two. There are some things you need to do so the showdown/stream happens without any issues. If you aren't totally retarded you should be able to follow along.

>Make sure you have all the ROMs
I uploaded everything you two need this morning. If you've already downloaded the ROMs be sure to check the MEGA and grab the few files I uploaded in the last couple of hours. I forgot to include the Neo-Geo bios and some of the extra files for KoF. You'll need every file I've uploaded in your ROM folder to make sure you're both running the same game files.

The fightcade creators turned into kikes since the last time I played on there and released a new beta version that is full of paypig pozz. No one uses it but the manual I linked is for that and not the version you'll be playing. Since I'm a nice guy I'm going to take the time now to walk you through what you'll need to do to play properly.

Fightcade is supposed to work well behind NAT but most of the time it doesn't. You should forward ports 6000-6009 to make sure they're open and there aren't any issues on either end. You two can probably get away with just the host doing this but both of you should do it just to be sure. Alternatively, if you're a lazy retard just place the PC you'll be playing on in the DMZ on your router for the duration of your games.

You'll need to configure these for each game. It's just how fightcade works. You configure the controller like this:
1. In the fightcade directory run "GGPOFBA.EXE"
2. Load each game by navigating to "Game -> Load Game"
2b. The first time you attempt to load games you'll need to set the ROM directory. If you put the ROMs inside the directory ./fightcade/ROMs you should just have to click on "Scan ROMs". If they are somewhere else use the other button to set the file path.
3. Once you've loaded the game by selecting it from the list of ROMs the emulator will run. Press F5 (or go to Game -> Map input) to bring up controller/key config menu
4. Configure the keys/buttons. Do this for both P1 and P2 inputs. You can use the same inputs for both sides without issue. Note you'll need a button for insert coin/select/start on both sides. This thing is emulating an arcade cabinet so putting in quarters is important and you can have fun by spamming insert coin when you rekt the other player.

Once you're configured the keys/buttons for all three games you can try playing online. Run Fightcade.exe. You'll be promoted to log-in with your fightcade account. Once you log-in you'll be taken to what is basically an IRC chat client. On the left column you'll find a list of rooms for every game in the ROM set. Navigate to the room for the game you want to test and click on it. Once you're in the right room you'll see the chat room it's in the middle of the screen and a list of players on the far right. Beside each player will be their ping time and an icon next their username.

When you find someone you want to play with simply click the icon next to their name of type "/challenge username" in the chat. This will send the challenge request to that player. If they accept the emulator will automatically load and drop you into a game with them.
There are options that let you fuck around with video/audio settings. DO NOT mess with these. It's okay to change a couple of things but it's best to leave them default and play in windowed mode. Whatever you do, do not place in full screen mode. If you're in full screen mode you'll cause a desync. If in doubt leave everything default.

When fightcade has lag spikes you'll get annoying buzzing in the audio while the netcode attempts to find sync. This is normal and you should just wait a moment if the screen freezes and this happens. It isn't very common and unless you two have a ping over 250ms it shouldn't happen very often. I regularly play KoF with chinks in Hong Kong without dealing with this problem and I can't imagine you two having a ping higher than that.

This means you'll have to put in a quarter and press start between matches. You won't be able to pick different characters in KoF98 if you win and will be forced to use the same team until you lose with it. Don't be the idiot that forgets how to insert a coin and makes the chat wait for several minutes while you show everyone how much of a boomer you really are.

I've already played some games with PissFaggot. He got rekt and I gave him some pointers. JEWS the offer is still open to play/test because I don't want anyone saying I coached up one player and not the other. You'd better beat this faggot I don't want to see the board defaced because you didn't take 30 minutes to play a few games with me to learn how all three of them work before the day of your match

That's it guntleman. If you have any problems let me know. I may not be able to stream myself but Robi is going to fill in if I can't make it.
I should have proof read those posts before sending them off. I should have slept today.

>simply click the icon next to their name of type "/challenge username" in the chat.
*simply click the icon next to their name or type "/challenge username" in the chat.

>do not place in full screen mode.
*do not play in full screen mode.
One last thing while I'm here: Don't be the retard that attempts to unzip the ROMs. Leave them in the .zip files. All you have to do is copy/paste the fightcade files to any directory anywhere on your PC and then put the ROMs inside of the "ROMs" directory.

I know you both run Windows but if you happen to need them tomorrow you can find versions for Linux and OSX on fightcade.com.
Match has been rescheduled for the same time next week.
What!? WTF, I have popcorn and beer and shit ready.
where's pissdrizzle at these days? Gahoole wants to be able to say nіgger without the gay ass wordfilter

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