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Open file (704.70 KB 600x300 DolphinWeather.png)
The story of a dolphin poster Anonymous 12/08/2019 (Sun) 07:45:16 ID: 2b4f09 No.22314
He originally posted on cafe/r9k/ and then has been spamming every fucking board in existence. I hope he gets banned, but he continues to evade IP bans.

I've attached one of his cancerous files.
Open file (60.47 KB 625x625 dr boomhattan.jpg)
don't forget he also made an internet site that's quite sketchy
can't access it now so have his board instead 8kun.top/dolphin
and threads of him sperging out
oh and he also made a thread announcing that he posted cp by "accident".
Open file (9.98 KB 714x34 screen10.png)
You mean that strange dolpcorp website? I looked at it and it's terrible. He's also running darlingserver.com (see the attached image).
He managed to block archive.today.
Open file (106.64 KB 310x384 1564086824052-pol.png)
I added it on, so it would re-archive bickers it kept displaying blank pages.
Made a typo.
Open file (644.28 KB 880x658 bald.png)
There's a chance this retarded dolphin is behind the ddos against lynxchan-based imageboards. I can't habeeb it.
This thread proves you faggots are actually the real autists and lolcows that are triggered by EVERYTHING
shut your clog dumb dolphin
>/cow/ is the real lolcows
How original. Did you think that up all by yourself?
Goyne 1
Goyne 400
Goyne 398
Goyne 787
Goyne 63
Goyne 428
Goyne 769
Goyne 768
Goyne 1117
Goyne 1489
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Goyne 1842
Goyne 1841
Goyne 2201
Goyne 2565
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Goyne 2562
Goyne 2936
Goyne 3300
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Goyne 3658
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Goyne 7688
Goyne 8056
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Goyne 8416
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Goyne 8745
Goyne 9115
Goyne 9472
Goyne 9829
Goyne 10189
Goyne 10555
Goyne 10893
Goyne 10894
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Goyne 11596
Goyne 11936
Goyne 12271
Goyne 12607
Goyne 12933
Goyne 13263
Goyne 13625
Goyne 13627
Goyne 13984
Goyne 14347
Goyne 14700
Goyne 15046
Goyne 15389
Goyne 15388
Goyne 15709
Goyne 16032
Goyne 16360
Goyne 16692
Goyne 16985
Goyne 16986
Goyne 17297
Goyne 17616
Goyne 17945
Goyne 18275
Goyne 18602
Goyne 18601
Goyne 18952
Goyne 18949
Goyne 19283
Goyne 19638
Goyne 19637
Goyne 19975
Goyne 19976
Goyne 20318
Goyne 20670
Goyne 20985
Goyne 21307
Goyne 21306
Goyne 21625
Open file (26.85 KB 1024x768 scr.png)
this guy made a site and got it on the webring. It currently has two boards with posts from the future. http://archive.li/Rc6ux I am very angry that this has occurred. Someone needs a stern talking to.
I guess he wants to be our new Autphag, what with starting threads about himself, claiming to have DDoSed Julay World, adding himself to the webring with the intent to fuck it up, and so on. I've never heard of this guy before he started asking me to delete the threads he started about himself, so the effort he's putting into this is more confusing than anything. Has he garnered attention from any of you before?
>>28272 never heard of him. He doesn't seem to really create an impact either, at least for me.
>>28272 He was denied /r9k/ ownership, for some reason, and is throwing a fit since then. I think its the eunuch again.
>>28272 From some other anon From what I've seen: >This board is newly created and quickly gaining traction >Someone creates a thread, asking if anyone else likes plush toys - the OP of the thread posts his push toy that he loves, a dolphin >At this point, nothing has happened and dolphin man was fine; even the thread was going fine >Somehow dolphin man posts a link to CP >It's quickly deleted and dolphin man is banned as per the global rules >He tries to defend himself, something about posting a link is completely fine, only visiting it is wrong >BO continues to ban him wherever he appears >Dolphin man spirals out of control, starts spamming the board with Tarrant shit and whatnot >Eventually Dolphin man tries to apologise and create a tech thread, but posts a photo of his dolphin with his computer and now starts using it to avatarfag >He starts visiting other places on the webring and is quickly found out >Anons begin archiving his posts, which he gets annoyed at >Dolphin man asks for the archives to be deleted or else he'll exploit a weakness in LynxChan >When it doesn't happen, he begins attacking this site Honestly after this the whole thing blew up and I didn't really care to follow >Continues to attack this site >Starts becoming a problem for other boards >Sets up a variety of boards (seems /dolphin/ on 8kun is now gone though) and continues causing needless drama >Dolphin man accidentally reveals something that leads back to him - apparently his first name is Luke and he has a Reddit account >The retard admin of Julay decides to add dolphin man's honeypot sites to the webring; now dolphin man can scrape IPs I don't know if >>4065 is true as there isn't concrete proof but it is very likely as dolphin man is obsessed with /r9k/
/r9k/ at anoncafe is down bickers of him rn afaik. > 2020-02-19 0300 UTC: Anon.cafe's version of LynxChan is being hit by a DoS targeting our captcha after said captcha proved effective in blocking spam. https://fatpeople.lol/r9k/thread/1.html#1
Dolphinposter is likely behind the JSchan thread too, /r9k/ has a bunker there so he wants to go after fatpeople.lol, but since that site uses JSchan instead of Lynxchan which he already knows how to target, he's trying to go after the dev instead while he figures out how to exploit JSchan directly.
>>33266 The whole site is down, not just /r9k/.
>>28363 Eunuch was a guy who chopped off his balls and posted on /r9k/. he used to write like this with no commas or periods and all around very weirdly. He was a jew too (or at least claimed to be), cited Bible verses that supposedly supporting chopping his balls off.
>>35197 Unfortunately, dolphin G​AMERGATE does not write like eunuch did, and I seriously doubt eunuch knows enough about computer related stuff to DDOS anoncafe.
>>22320 up it goes
Open file (18.98 KB 531x66 ClipboardImage.png)
sticky pls
I'm sorry dolphin
>>28334 Abstraction really is beyond a sperg, that's the only way I can rationalize the adage of tards doubling down instead of changing tactics.
Come over to bernd.group
>>35610 Robi is a complete pussy why doesn't he wordfilter this one? Is he scared. The owner of the most active bunker scared of a small measly site. Pitiful truly pitiful.
>>35622 board creation is open on omni. the fuck are you even trying anymore?
>>35657 (((data mining)))
>>35659 you're gonna need to try harder than samefagging and creating boards on open chans to get anyone to buy your fake conspiracy
To those of you who don't know what's going on, he posted a false flag here >>>/meta/4445 and elsewhere claiming to be some other site owner. He also makes fake IRC "quotes" like: <robi> lol I datamine you all He posts stuff like this as "evidence." Then he spams it repeatedly, like so: >>>/meta/4535 along with other schizo nonsense like robi being pregnant, lol.
>>35681 That reminds me of >>>/dig/
>>35703 >0ac9c4 is the same person as 2be40c <samefagging accusations might as well throw the same back at you schizo and fyi i'm making "baseless accusations" bickers the retard is obsessed has used my name on 3 seperate chans to push his autistic conspiracy. ay but maybe ur him right?
I wanted to respond to >>35703, but it got deleted. Too bad.
>>35706 >I think what I posted was at least sufficient enough yet nothing you posted was proof that anyone was samefagging, nor was it a good argument
dolphin have you tried drowning yourself in semen
What's his endgame?
>>35713 drowning in semen
>>35714 Still a fag
dolphintard your thread is forever
>>28334 >scrape IPs oh noooooooo he'll get my VPN address noooooooooooo

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